General Assembly 2019

The ECU General Assembly Meeting 2019 will be held in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.

Date: Thursday, 27 June 2019

Time: 16.00h-18.00h

Venue: Krestovskiy Hotel Park (situated at Severnaya Doroga, 12, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 197110).

Each member federation may attend the GA with the number of delegates according to the Tier of their membership (Tier 1 with 1 delegate, Tier 2 with 2 delegates, Tier 3 with 3 delegates).

Every member federation is entitled to one vote. Associate members do not have a vote. Delegates may not represent more than one member. Voting by proxy or letter is not allowed. Members attending the GA must be in good standing.



Please find below the agenda and materials in preview for the 2019 general assembly meeting. We ask you to review the materials in advance.  

ECU GA 2019_Agenda and materials

ANNEX 1 GA Minutes 2018

ANNEX 2 Executive Board Report 2018

ANNEX 3 Judges Committee Report 2018

ANNEX 4 Rules Committee Report 2018

ANNEX 5 CA Committee Report 2018

ANNEX 6 ECL Committee Report 2018

ANNEX 7 Championships Committee Report 2018

ANNEX 8 Financial report 2018

ANNEX 9 Financial Audit Report 2018

ANNEX 10 Budget_2014-2018_estimations_2019-2020

ANNEX 11 ECU Statutes and Proposals by the HCF

ANNEX 11A ECU Statutes changes 2019 – explanations

ANNEX 11B ECU Statutes (2015 + proposed changes)

ANNEX 12 Proposals by NFs

ANNEX 13 Proposals by ECU Board