ECU European Cheerleading Championships

Here is the link to the organizer’s website for the 2019 ECU Europeans:

Organizer’s Website


Location Saint Petersburg, Russia
Dates 28 – 30 June 2019
Venue Sibur Arena (Google Maps) Futbolnaya alleya 8 on Krestovsky island. Metro Novokrestovskaya on Line 3

Overall schedule
Competition schedule


Please note there might be changes in the schedule. Performance order on Sunday will be the top 5 teams from the semi-finals, competing order 5 to 1.

Important note: The jazz teams categories junior and senior was by an error left out from the Sunday finals. This will be corrected and a new schedule is coming for Sunday.

Performance Cheer Doubles

All performance cheer doubles will compete on Friday morning in a separate event, at same venue. There will be no finals.

All national team managers be advised that the last ECU general assembly decided to accept only one cheer doubles team per country at the 2019 ECU Europeans.


Competition Floor in the Venue

The mats laid out for the competition floor in the venue will have the following format:

Cheerleading – Total size of the mat is 12,8 m long and 16,5 m wide. There will be taped stripes every 2 m.
Performance Cheer – Total size of the Marley floor is 12 m long and 16 m wide, 8 stripes taped every 2 m.

The mats stripes will be aligned vertically if one observes from the judges’ point of view.

ECU Rulebook

The ECU Rulebook for season 2019 can be found here.
If you have questions, please send in your question with the division, age group and either pictures or a video to


Nationality of Athletes

Paragraph 2. of the ECU European Cheerleading Championships Competition Rulebook requires that all athletes that represent ECU member from the specific country must have citizenship or permanent residency for at least 6 months in that respected country at the time of the respective ECU European Cheerleading Championships. 

Identity, age and permanent residency of the athlete will be determined by inspection of the valid photo ID document and supporting documents that need to include the following information:

  • name and surname,
  • date of birth,
  • photo,
  • citizenship or proof for the duration of residency. 

If you have athletes competing on a team that are not nationals of your country, we advise you to send in the information as required above for a pre-check to

This is a voluntary service, but it will help to speed up the process of checking in your athletes at Europeans.


Visa Procedures

Many participating teams will need to apply for visas in order to travel to Russia. Visa procedures vary from country to country, so we cannot provide you with general guidelines that would apply to all.

It is crucial to verify with Russian embassies in your country for accurate information as to what applies for you, your staff and athletes.
Most recent updates about the visa procedures can be found on the event website.



Registrations website:

Registration deadline: 31 May 2019.

In case your qualifiers take place later than this date, contact the event producer at as soon as possible to arrange belated registration.

Registration fee

Teams: Registration fee per participant for team categories, regardless of the number of categories that one participates in EUR: 45.00 EUR.

Doubles: An additional registration fee of EUR 100.00 EUR per team for the participating teams in the Performance Cheer Doubles categories.

Example: Two competitors participate in cheer performance pom teams but both also compete in pom and hip hop doubles. The national federation will receive an invoice for EUR 90.00 for both athletes (participation fee for each athlete on the pom team) and EUR 200.00 for each doubles team.