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ECU Europeans 2019 – Saint Petersburg, Russia

This year’s ECU Europeans will be held in Russia’s Saint Petersburg from 28 to 30 June 2019. Being the first three-day event for ECU’s main event of the year, some changes will apply.


Venue: Sibur arena, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Preliminary schedule

Thursday, 27 June 2019: ECU General Assembly Meeting

Friday, 28 June 2019:

  • ECU Europeans for Performance Cheer Doubles (separate event in the morning)

Friday, 28 June 2019 and Saturday, 29 June 2019

  • Competition day for: Level 4 Juniors, Level 5 Seniors, Adaptive Abilities divisions, Special Abilities divisions.
  • Semi-finals for: Level 5 Juniors, Level 6 Seniors, Performance Cheer Teams (all divisions)

Sunday, 30 June 2019:

  • Finals (top 5 in semi-finals) for divisions: Level 5 Juniors, Level 6 Seniors, Performance Cheer Teams (all divisions)

At this moment, it is impossible to predict exact competition time for divisions. It is sure, however, that competition days will no longer be split between Junior and Senior divisions.

A more precise agenda will be known once the registrations will have been closed.

Please note that teams in divisions Level 4 Juniors and Level 5 Seniors compete only once, while top five teams in Level 5 Juniors, Level 6 Seniors and all performance cheer team divisions get to perform twice (finals on Sunday).

Performance Cheer Doubles

All performance cheer doubles will compete on Friday morning in a separate event, same venue. There will be no finals.

All national team managers be advised that the last ECU general assembly decided to accept only one cheer doubles team per country at the 2019 ECU Europeans.

Visa procedure

Many participating teams will need to apply for visas in order to travel to Russia.

Visa procedures vary from country to country, so we cannot provide you with general guidelines that would apply to all.

It is crucial to verify with Russian embassies in your country for accurate information as to what applies for you, your staff and athletes.

Most recent updates about the visa procedures can be found on the event website.


Registrations website:

Registration deadline: 28 May 2019.

In case your qualifiers take place later than this date, contact the event producer at as soon as possible to arrange belated registration.

8 thoughts on “ECU European Cheerleading Championships

  • 28 February 2019 at 06:14


    When and how we will get information about accommodation packages?
    I’m a parent of a team responsible for the trip arrangements to St. Petersburg.

  • Spela
    14 March 2019 at 11:11

    Sorry for this late reply. You can now see all accommodation offers at, which is the event’s official website. Please don’t hesitate to contact the event producer if you have any additional inquiries.

    Many kind regards,
    Špela from ECU

  • 19 March 2019 at 22:30

    Can I ask when the registration deadline is? I cannot seem to find that in the documents above.

  • 17 April 2019 at 11:50

    Will be organized at all?

  • Spela
    17 April 2019 at 21:43

    Dear Travis,
    The registration deadline is set for 28 May 2019. The event producer chose to process all registrations through a web application. You can access the app at

    Dear Mr Kiss,
    The event will be held as announced 28-30 June in Russia’s Saint Petersburg. Please don’t hesitate to contact the ECU or the event organiser (Russian Cheer Union) via email in case of any uncertainty. I will be happy to help.

    Kindest regards to both, Špela from ECU

  • 18 April 2019 at 22:23

    Dear Spela!
    Thank you for your reply.
    The Hungarian Cheerleading Union will ask many times the ECU about the Europeans, and still no answer, no further infos, no nothing. Last year at this time (mid-april) everything was organized, paid, filled etc. And of course the registration and everything else will goes through the national federations and the ECU, not directly the event organizer!

    So I’m a bit in doubt about it

  • Spela
    23 April 2019 at 22:51

    Dear Balázs,
    I must say I am a bit surprised to hear that you have not received any answers from the ECU. Admittedly, I sometimes answer a bit late, but I usually reply to all inquiries coming into my inbox ( Although combing through my inbox today, I must report that I have not received any email from you personally or the Hungarian Cheerleading Union in the past nine months about the Europeans. Are you sure you are using the right email addresses?

    I also need to correct you considering the “registration system and everything”: as far as I can recall, registrations have, in the latest years at least, not been handled by the ECU (neither have the registration fee payments or accommodation packages), but the federation organising the event.

    Nevertheless, once again, I am always happy to help with any doubts you might be experiencing. In order to do that, I will need more precise information as to what troubles you.

    Guessing from your last post, I presume you are wondering about registrations: I invite you to register at by clicking the REGISTRATION button. In order to register, you need to create an account (a standard procedure I am sure you are familiar with), and then you follow the instructions the application provides. In case of any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact either Olga at or me at, and I will see that you get an answer.

    The same website, published beginning March, also contains information about accommodation packages and transfers, as well as information about how to book and payment details. Once again, if you need any help, I am here for you.

    Don’t forget about the Visa form (two information emails have been sent to national federations late 2018 and early 2019), which will be needed to enter Russia for all your athletes. Details about the form are included in the form itself, however (as explained in the latest communication sent to the NFs) you need to verify yourself with your Russian embassy /consular body in Hungary, how visa demands are handled for your citizens.

    I hope this helped a bit but if you need anything else, please contact me by email. I tend to notice mails faster than comments on social media and websites.

    Many best, Špela

  • 24 April 2019 at 18:32

    Dear Spela!

    Thank you for your help.
    I’ll forward these infos to our federation.

    Cheers: Balázs

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