European Cheer Union

The European Cheer Union (ECU) is a non-profit European federation, composed of non-profit national federations that promote and regulate the sport of cheerleading in Europe.

The main objectives of the ECU are:

• Promotion and development of the sport of cheerleading in Europe.
• To be a modern, flexible, transparent, accountable and all inclusive federation.
• To actively support its members (national federations) to develop cheerleading in their respective countries.
• To increase the level of recognition of ECU and its members by the Olympic Movement stakeholders as well as by other entities involved in sport.
• To promote and organize cheerleading activities in Europe, such as, but not limited to, courses, camps, competitions and training for athletes, judges and coaches of member federations.
• To tender, sanction and organize international cheerleading championships in Europe, including ECU European Championships.
• To promote closer links by its member federations and between member federations and other sports organizations.
• To collaborate with the world wide governing body for cheerleading, International Cheer Union (ICU).