Competition Rules

Worldwide unification of competition rules is an essential requirement for sustainable development of the sport of cheerleading and cheerdance. In order to contribute to this important goal on the continental level, the ECU works closely together with the ICU and implements the changes to the ICU rules into the ECU Rulebook accordingly. For better understanding of the rules and to reach consistent interpretations, the ECU hosted the first European Rules Conference in February 2012. At this conference, the highest-level international experts on the ICU rules were present, sharing their experience and knowledge with coaches and judges from all across Europe. Such Rules Conferences also provide the foundation for excellent training of safety judges in Europe, sharing knowledge on the legality of new skills and reaching a common understanding of the rules. This kind of preparation allowed a selection process among highly qualified safety judges for the European Championships. Moreover, in order to promote national adoption of the internationally accepted rules, the ECU also offers expertise to national federations, for example by holding Rules Workshops.

Ursula HannUrsula Hann, Chairwoman of ECU Competition Rules Committee

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