The primary role of ECU Judges Committee is to provide an atmosphere for developing high quality judges, capable of judging at any competition within Europe, across the world and perhaps most importantly the ECU European Chamionships. First steps to assure that have been made by creating a database of judges, their competences and qualities. The following steps of finding training, certification and experience have so far been left to the judges themselves, but work is underway to change that. ECU Judges Committee is always happy to help national organisations in starting or improving their national judges training systems. Such systems should become the cornerstones for quality judging and provide foundation on national level. To develop judges on international level we intend to keep promoting ICU Judges courses, which are quickly becoming de-facto judges training and certification sources for judges worldwide.By making all those steps the judges will progress from national to international level and those best qualified will be ready to judges on the highest quality level required at ECU European Championships.

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