ECL Scoring System

The ECL scoring system takes into account the fact that different ECL competitions are judged by different judges’ panels on different days and also under different competition conditions. To be as impartial as possible the ECL scoring system is placement based.

I. Attendance Points
– 10 points for attending
Any team that registers shows up and competes at an ECL competition will receive 10 points, unless that team is disqualified.

II. 100 Point System
– 1st = 100 pts
– 2nd = 90 pts
– 3rd = 80 pts
– 4th = 70 pts
– 5th = 60 pts
– 6th = 50 pts
– 7th = 40 pts
– 8th = 30 pts
– 9th = 20 pts
– 10th = 10 pts
– 11th and lower = 0 pts
The 100 point system is what determines the points awarded for your final placement. If a tie occurs at a competition, you will be awarded the points for a team that has placed two spots down. Example: If there is a tie for 1st place and your team is the next highest after the tie, then your team will be awarded the points for a 3rd place team

III. Placement Points
– 25 points awarded for each team your team outscores
These points will be awarded for scoring higher than other teams in your division at a competition. Example: Your team places 2nd in a division with 5 other teams in it. Your team will receive 75 points for outscoring 3 other teams (3 x 25pts).
Foreign teams (teams from non-ECU members) that are participating on the ECL competition are also taken into account when placement points are calculated for the ECU teams. However, foreign teams do not get any ECL points since they are not eligible to participate in the ECL.

Final season ranking:
Each team may compete in as many competitions during the season as they want. However, only their best 3 point totals will be accumulated for their final score for the season 2016. If a team attend less than 3 competitions, all received point totals will be accumulated in their final score.

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