ECU Competition Rulebook 2017

The Comprehensive version of the 2017 ECU Competition Rulebook as approved by the ECU Board, now including the General parts of the rules, is published:

As always, we have created one „clean“ version of the rules and one version where all the changes that have been made are marked for easier identification.

A short highlight of the probably most important changes:

As you are surely aware, the decision regarding the divisions offered at the 2017 European Cheerleading Championships was postponed until now, depending on the outcome of specific developments on the international level.
After ICU has announced its divisions for the World Championships, the ECU Board therefore consulted again and made its decision which divisions will be offered at the 2017 Europeans. The ECU Board considered the following factors when doing so:
– Divisions offered by ICU, including those newly introduced in 2017
– Divisions not offered by ICU, including those that have already been canceled
– Possible future developments, in particular taking into account that performing as team is considered one of the unique features of our sport compared to others
– Reasonable balance of divisions offered, including the factor of scheduling performances

Considering all these factors, the ECU Board has decided to offer only team categories for the 2017 Europeans.

However, also being aware that the question of divisions is one that will have long-term implications for our sport, our federations, our clubs and most importantly our athletes, it will be re-visited by the 2017 General Assembly to be discussed openly and transparently and to find sustainable solutions for the future.

Number of Athletes
Based upon the trilateral agreement concluded in 2012 between SportAccord, ICU and FIG as a condition of membership in SportAccord for ICU, all divisions are obliged to raise the number of minimum competitors to 16 by 31st December 2016. This regulation applies to the World Championships, but also to all Continental Championships (such as the European Championships). In line with the ICU Rulebook and in line with international agreements, the minimum number of athletes therefore had to be raised to 16 persons for all team categories, except for the division of Performance Cheer Jazz, where the minimum number of athletes had to be raised even to 18 persons.

Any clubs or coaches that have questions regarding the rules, please send these together with pictures and videos to

Kind regards and we wish you a successful Competition Season 2017!

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