ECU Welcomes ParaCheer International

Copenhagen – The ECU is happy to welcome ParaCheer International among its members. The decision to grant associate membership to the federation was unanimously confirmed by the ECU board in the past week.

“I’m looking forward to successful cooperation between our two organizations,” the ECU president Aljaž Britvič said on the occasion.

Rick Rodgers from ParaCheer International added: “This is wonderful news and we look forward to a closer partnership with you and the ECU from this point forward.”

ParaCheer International is an association developed to create a division of the sport of Cheerleading to cater for those with physical disabilities who still wanted to compete at a high level.

The ParaCheer International’s staff is constantly working on developing materials for paracheer teams. Do not hesitate to consult their website to learn more about their mission and find out how to include disabled athletes in your teams.


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