New ECU Committees Rosters Known

The ECU board launched a call for new committee members late 2019 in order to bring in new forces. Numerous candidates applied, giving a largely international roster for the five committees. A total of 47 people from 18 national federations were selected to work in 5 committees.
Ursula Hann (Austria), Marko Sabol (Slovenia) and Riikka Taivassalo (Finland) remain chairs of their committees (Rules, ECL Steering Committee and Championship Committee), while Marko Ebert and Rob Tonnaer got replaced by Anne Achté from Finland and Michael Pasieczny from Denmark on top of the Judges and Athletes and Coaches Committee.
See below the exhaustive list of the new committees:
 Judges Committee:
  1. Anne Achté (chair)
  2. Marko Ebert
  3. Anke Schonfelder
  4. Brit Marks
  5. Lindsey Maggs
  6. Yulia Sautina
  7. Irena Petan
  8. Mikael Sohn Ottesen
  9. Hinni Ollila
Rules Committee
  1. Ursula Hann (Chair)
  2. Martin Tus
  3. Tora Fjeld
  4. Svenja Breisch
  5. Sofie Jonsson
  6. Danijela Licitar
  7. Mikael Sohn Ottesen
  8. Tony Hodges
  9. Eeva Ventilä 
  10. Inessa Bruskina
  11. Petra Zakova
ECL Committee
  1. Marko Sabol (Chair)
  2. Frode Brurberg Hansen
  3. Cristina Hengartner
  4. Anna Ravannti
Athletes & Coaches Committee
  1. Michael Pasieczny (Chair)
  2. Rob Tonnaer
  3. Fiona Collumb
  4. Rita Kovacsik
  5. Sausan Julevic
  6. Sven Seeger
  7. Sirpa Kaukonen
  8. Jasna Kneipp
  9. Kiia Kontturi
  10. Ina Tiittula
  11. Nejc Lorber
Championships Committee
  1. Riikka Taivassalo (Chair)
  2. Andrey Kokoulin
  3. Slavica Donkov
  4. Jana Slavíková
  5. Karen Cappiello
  6. Fanni Vagyas
  7. Francesco Alessandro Armilotta
  8. Celine Nordvang
  9. Marko Sabol
  10. Yuriy Krykun
  11. Matej Trilar
  12. Johanna Berger
The ECU would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members and thank all departing ones for their input during the last mandate. We hope the new roster will bring many fruitful results and progress into European cheerleading.
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