ICU European Cheerleading Championships

ICU Europeans: Semi – Finals Results

Below are the rankings for Days 1 and 2 of the ICU Europeans in Athens. Top five teams in performance cheer team divisions as well as Senior cheer teams (Senior L5 and L6, Junior L5) move to finals on Day 3 (Sunday). 

Competing divisions on Day 1


Junior Team All Girl L4 (Finals)

Junior Team Coed L4 (Finals)

Performance Cheer:

Junior PC Hip Hop  Doubles (finals)

Junior PC Pom Doubles (finals)

Junior PC Jazz Teams (semi-finals)

Senior PC Hip Hop Doubles (finals)

Senior PC Pom Doubles (finals)

Senior PC Jazz Teams (semi-finals)


Results – Day 1 

Competing divisions on Day 2


Junior Team All Girl L5 (semi-finals)

Junior Team Coed L5 (semi-finals)

Senior Team All Girl L5 (semi-finals)

Senior Team Coed L5 (semi-finals)

Senior Team All Girl L6 (semi-finals)

Senior Team Coed L6 (semi-finals)

Performance Cheer:

Junior PC Team Hip Hop (semi-finals)

Junior PC Team Pom (semi-finals)

Senior PC Team Hip Hop (semi-finals)

Senior PC Team Pom (semi-finals)

Results – Day 2


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