European Coaches Register

We are launching the European Coaches Register (ECR) project with the opening of the on-line registration. The ECR will be a public database of cheerleading and performance cheer coaches working within Europe. The register is a project of the ECU Athletes and Coaches committee with the main goal to enhance international and national coaches’ activity and to help clubs find contact information about the available coaches. The ECR is not meant as a mandatory registration but rather as a voluntary submission of the coaches’ information that will be published as a roster of coaches and made available to the public.
The ECR and the link to the registration form is published on the ECU website: https://www.cheerunion.eu/coaches-register/

Necessity of a coaches database

  • To establish a base number of coaches within the Europe 
  • Start bringing together a variety of names from clubs and countries associated with the ECU
  • Observing how many coaches are within each country
  • Confirming what level of coaches are currently coaching within each country

 Purpose of a coaches database

  • Transparent listing of coaches 
  • Available to each country to select or request a coach of suitable knowledge within Cheer or Performance Cheer
  • Confirm how many coaches would like to travel to coach elsewhere
  • When travel is requested a short answer of how both the coach completed their request of coaching plus how well the club cared for the visiting coach 

 Usefulness of a coaches database

  • A focus point of coaches’ availability
  • Their experience and how well they would match up with the club requesting a visiting coach – e.g language suitability etc.
  • A link to communicate with that coach directly
  • To build on this listing annually with updates from coaches