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Mar 5 all-day

In Cheer Open Creta Cup 2023 we have internationally renowned choreographers/judges who teach and judge the competition.

The format of the Cheer Open Creta Cup (camp & competition) is a great challenge for the teams, but at the same time it is enjoyable and greatly improves the competition level of all participating athletes.

The athletes are invited to learn and compete on the same choreography. The teams get the chance to bond and become competitively stronger.

* More information about the competition format you can find on the document “Cheer Open Creta Cup – Competition Format”.

Registration deadline: 31th January 2023

Invitation link: https://helleniccheerleadingfederation.gr/announcement-cheer-open-creta-cup-2023/

Latvian Open Cheerleading Championship 2023 @ Sigulda Sports Center
Mar 18 all-day
Latvian Open Cheerleading Championship 2023 @ Sigulda Sports Center | Sigulda | Latvia

Latvian Open Cheerleading Championship will happen on 18th March, 2023.

Facilitating competitive and performance cheer athletes in over 20 categories.

Deadline for registration is 1th March 2023.

Link to Webpage: https://www.karseji.lv/pasakumi/lksc-2023/

Link to Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/692637562335587

Link to Invitation: https://www.facebook.com/events/692637562335587

Link to Registration: Send email to info@karseji.lv

Ficec Nationals 2023 (Italy) @ Palaprometeo
Mar 18 – Mar 19 all-day
Ficec Nationals 2023 (Italy) @ Palaprometeo | Marche | Italy

We invite you to participate in the Cheerleading competition “Ficec Nationals 2023 Ancona” on March 18/19, 2023
Ancona overlooks the Adriatic Sea, a welcoming city that thanks to its characteristics will allow you to relax in a beautiful landscape with many activities dedicated to young people.

Deadline for registration: 19.02.2023

Registration link: https://s-sport.it/s-registration/#/



International Cheer Masters (Austria) @ BSFZ Südstadt
Mar 18 – Mar 19 all-day
International Cheer Masters (Austria) @ BSFZ Südstadt | Maria Enzersdorf | Niederösterreich | Austria

The International Cheer Masters will take place on 18th and 19th of March 2023 at the BSFZ Südstadt a little south of Vienna.

18th March: Cheerleading Categories
19th March : Performance Cheer Categories

The team registration is closed on 19th of February 2023.

Registration fee amounts to € 18,00 per athlete and division. Registration fee for coaches and staff only applies once for the event and is € 18,00.

The International Cheer Masters 2023 are also part of the European Cheer League 2023 and will follow the new ECU age groups (Austrian Rulebook).

Link to invitation: https://oeccv.at/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/OECCV_announcement-ICM-2023.pdf

Link to Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/1ICmXXuNn

Registration form for international teams:http://oeccv.core-system.eu/register-club-international

Prague Cheer & Dance Open 2023 @ Sport Hall Královka
Mar 25 all-day
Prague Cheer & Dance Open 2023 @ Sport Hall Královka | Hlavní město Praha | Czechia

We would like to welcome you at Prague Cheer and Dance Open 2023, which is open cheerleading competition, and will be held in competition sport hall Královka in Prague! Competition is part of European Cheer League (ECL) and Czech National Cheer League (CNCL). For Czech teams this is the competition for receiving nomination for the ECU European Championship 2023. During the whole weekend you can enjoy also an amusement park, which is very close to this event area.

Register your team before February 25th, 2023! For registration please contact us via email registrace@cach.cz (Club name, Contact person name, e-mail, cell phone number, Country) and we will send you back your log in into our on-line registration system.

You can buy your spectator´s tickets via Ticketportal.cz presale (information will be at the event website). Please note that the capacity of the venue is limited, so it is better to buy your tickets in advance.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague! You are very welcome!

Invitation and registration information you can find on our webpage: https://www.cach.cz/souteze/rcc/prague-cheerdance-open-2023/


Spirit 5-6 ECL (Finland) @ Vaasa
May 20 all-day
Spirit 5-6 ECL (Finland) @ Vaasa

Welcome to participate in the Spirit 5-6 ECL competition in Vaasa, Finland!

ECL categories will include Jr Ag Level 5, Jr Coed Level 5, Sr Ag Level 6, Sr Coed Level 6, Freestyle Pom Jr and Freestyle Pom Sr.

The competition invitation and registration information will be available on the competition web page from March onwards.

We’re eagerly waiting to welcome you to compete in Finland!

Invitation and info about registrations you will find on the webpage: https://www.vikingscheerleaders.fi/spirit-5-6-ecl/

Registration deadline is 13th April 2023

International Łochów Cup (Poland) @ Hala Sportowo - Widowiskowa im. Mariana Dzięcioła w Łochowie
Dec 2 all-day
International Łochów Cup (Poland) @ Hala Sportowo - Widowiskowa im. Mariana Dzięcioła w Łochowie | Łochów | Mazowieckie | Poland

International Łochów Cup will be also a celebration of 20 years of Iskra Cheerleading Club.

We will held all ECL divisions and categories and some additional ones so everybody will find something for their team/double (from tiny to masters age categories).

We invite all international friends to join us and celebrate Iskra Cheerleading Club anniversary.

Deadline for registration is 15th November 2023

Link to webpage and facebook event will come in the summer