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ECU Development Fund: EstCU Throws First Cheer Workshop

Estonian Cheer Union, one of the latest members to join ECU, held their cheerleading workshop last weekend in March. Over thirty participants attended classes delivered by Finnish coach Henri Haukkovaara.

The Estonian federation being a young federation, the workshop targeted levels 1-4 in cheerleading.

“It was a very educational day for the teams involved. We focused on cheerleading levels 1-4 as cheerleading in Estonia is just getting started and we want the teams to learn the progression of skills,” the organisers’ Laura Karindi said after the event.

The one-day workshop saw 34 participants from union member clubs, a turnout greeted by the organisers.

“The aim is to get more teams involved in competitive cheerleading and performance cheer, but also teach safer stunt techniques and training methods to teams that are using cheerleading stunts as part of their performance routines.”

“We hope that when these teams learn more about cheerleading and performance cheer, they want to get more involved in this sport that we love.”

Karindi praised Haukkovaara’s approach saying he showed proof of a lot of knowledge and experience, making the hours fly by fast.

The funding from ECU Development Fund allowed the organisers to reduce participant fees and thus made participation more available to a larger number of people.

The Estonians wish to continue providing educational workshops for their members, Karindi said, announcing a similar event for performance cheer in the near future.

She concluded by thanking bothe the ECU and Finnish Cheerleading Federation for the support in throwing their event.