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ECL 2020 Cancelled, 2019 Winners Qualify to Verona 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic affected the organisation of many sports events accross the world, cheerleading competitions being no exception. With ECU’s league system being a year round competition, the ECU board and ECL had to take the hard decision of announcing the end of season 2020.
Following ECU’s recent announcement about the postponement of ICU Europeans 2020 by a year, the ECU board needed to make yet another in a series of mid-pandemic management decisions.
Several options were brought to the table considering ECL season 2020 but finally, the ECL steering committee proposed to end the ongoing season.
The 2020 ECL season only hosted two events so far and there is no guarantee of how many events could still be carried out before the end of the season,” the ECL Steering Committee argued in their proposal, which ECU board approved unanimously.
No winners will be declared for year 2020, best ranking teams after the two events will not qualify to Verona 2021, the board also decided.
Winners of the 2019 season will thus qualify to ICU Europeans 2021 in Verona, at which time trophies and awards for season 2019 will be handed out.
Age limitations for 2021 championships will apply for all qualified teams, except for cheer performance doubles, where qualifications remain nominative (example: if Jones and Smith qualified, they will be allowed to compete, regardless of their age).
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