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European Championships 2021 – Update

European Championships 2021 were set to be held in Verona, Italy. ECU and event producer FICEC from Italy have been putting all efforts into finding a solution that would be acceptable, safe and pleasant to both the participants and organisers of this event.

The joint efforts have taken into consideration current Covid-19 tendencies across Europe, the overall possibility of practising cheerleading and performance cheer, travel options and eventual needed investments into carrying out a live event with necessary sanitary measures.

The ECU executives and the organisers feel that the situation still does allow a safe live international event in June or July 2021. With numerous countries in lockdown and even more facing interdiction of practicing our sport, it is hard to imagine neither high participation nor equitable level of preparation for the teams.

A decision has thus been made not to organise European Cheerleading Championships 2021 in the early summer. We continue to research our options to find a suitable solution.

Consequently, the new edition of rules is also postponed to a later date, once any new decision about the venue and date of Europeans is taken. 

ECU would like to thank all teams for their patience and wish everyone returning back to the gyms as soon as possible.