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ECL Bids 2019 – Important Announcement

Due to the ongoing sanitary crisis, cheerleading seasons around the world  have seen unprecedented suspensions in 2020. ECL competitions were no exception, the 2020 edition has been suspended mid-season. As Europeans 2020 were canceled too, many wonder if bids won for these Europeans are lost as well.
In the spring 2020, no decision had been made considering the winners of ECL season 2019, since the global situation was too unpredictable to make any calls.
A quick reminder: ECL winners for season 2019, as well as top five doubles, won bids to attend Europeans 2020. For doubles, this is the only way they can attend Europeans. 
Since then, the ECL Steering Committee has decided to call off both seasons 2020 and 2021, arguing that the essence of their project involves athletes travelling around Europe and that was fairly limited over this time.
Consequently, this unprecedented case opens the questions of bids that have been won in 2019 and have not been executed as both Europeans 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled.
Team Divisions Bids Extended for Europeans 2022
The ECL Steering Committee and ECU board have decided that, for all team divisions, winners of ECL 2019 maintain the rights to attend Europeans 2022.
Teams will be obliged to follow the age rules that will apply at the competition as the bid goes to a team as a whole and not team members nominatively.
Doubles to Seek New Bids
A different approach has been chosen for all doubles, the reason being that doubles teams tend to change members more often and are more likely to cease to exist from one year to another.
For that it has been decided that doubles rankings of ECL 2019 be announced according to the rankings at the end of season 2019. Winners will be announced and presented awards in Athens during Europeans 2022.
All doubles divisions bids are therefore annuled, bid winners from 2019 cannot automatically attend Europeans 2022. A virtual competition will be held for all doubles divisions in order to get finalists for Europeans in Athens.