IOC’s Full Recognition Marks Another Milestone for Our Sport

With the Olympics around the corner, many athletes are looking forward to their games. This year might as well be a historical one for cheerleaders as well, as last Tuesday, the 138th International Olympic Committee’s session brought the International Cheer Union a positive vote granting it full IOC recognition.
This vote happened after ICU received IOC’s provisional recognition in December 2016. While many efforts have been invested into the development of cheerleading on a global level, due to the COVID Pandemic, all IOC meetings were cancelled in 2020. The full recognition by IOC in July 2021 was achieved at the earliest time possible at the first IOC in-person session in Tokyo.
This means that the ICU and cheerleading are now fully eligible to petition to be included in the Olympic Games and a variety of Olympic multi-sport Games. The recognition will help ensure greater support and funding for cheerleading development in many countries around the world, the ICU said upon releasing the news.
“The IOC’s actions have created a monumental milestone for cheerleading. We are truly honored to receive this recognition by the IOC,” said Jeff Webb, President of the International Cheer Union. “This decision will greatly assist us as we strive to create opportunities for healthy participation and competition for millions of cheerleading athletes worldwide.”
Since European Cheer Union operates under the auspices of  ICU, this is extremely exciting for us and our members as well. “I would like to thank everyone that worked so tirelessly on this recognition,” ECU President Aljaz Britvic said in his reaction.
“This achievement will open many doors for federations around the world, I cannot help but feel a bit emotional about it. After the year this world has had, it finally feels like we are getting back in the saddle,” he concluded.
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