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ECU Announces ICU Education Courses Funding

 With practices getting back on track all around Europe, the ECU executive board decides to encourage judges and coaches by partially funding their participation in ICU education courses.

A few years back, ECU board has decided to dedicate a part of its union’s yearly budget for the development of its members. We named it the ECU development fund. Since the launch of the project, several ECU members have successfully held workshops in their respective countries to promote and improve the level of cheerleading in their cheer community. 

With Covid restrictions imposed, event planning was impossible, which provided the ECU board with with the opportunity to propose co-funding of ICU educational courses to your judges and coaches.  

Coaches and judges can thus apply to get EUR 20 reimbursed on the ICU Educational courses they have successfully attended (proof of completion in the form of the course certificate required). Each tier 1 country would be eligible for financial support for 20 courses. Each applicant can apply to get more than one course co-funded.

What ICU Educational Courses are covered?

RED COURSE (Judges Education Course) & GREEN COURSE (Rules Comprehension Course) / Cheerleading & Performance Cheer

More about ICU courses:


Coaches and Judges from Tier 1 ECU members (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain).

How much time do I have to apply?

Financial support claims need to be submitted by 20 December 2021.

How will this work?

All potential applicants should ask for the online registration form for reimbursement from their respective ECU member federation.