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Doubles Qualifications to Europeans 2022

ECU rules only allow for five doubles teams per division to compete at the Europeans event. ECL rankings usually served to select the few that would go on to compete at the main Europeans event. Due to several Europeans cancellations over the past two years, a decision had to be made considering doubles. After a long discussion and several options explored, ECU executives and board members decided to extend the invitation to Europeans 2022 to all doubles  that had qualified through ECL 2019. However, several rules apply, read more about it below.

All teams that have directly qualified through the 2019 ECL as the top 5 teams are invited to participate in the 2022 European Cheerleading Championships. However, all participating athletes will have to fulfil the 2022 age groups. No exceptions will be allowed to this rule.

Considered that some time has passed since the qualification, it is quite likely that some of the qualified athletes have retired or grown out of the age category. Teams (their assigned clubs) are thus allowed to compete with different athletes than the ones that have received the initial qualification.

In the following days, all concerned teams will be approached by the ECU in order to confirm their participation at Europeans. They will get a certain time to reflect upon it but if they do not confirm their participation by 15 January 2022, ECU will consider that they waive the right to participate.

In that case, the qualification remains in the country and the respective national federation may decide who they allow to take the place instead of the qualified team. In these cases, it is the sole discretion of the national federation to decide how they select or qualify (e.g. national competition, try-outs or any other selection procedure applied by the ECU member).

If the country and the respective federation do not confirm that they will nominate a team by 31 January 2022, they waive their right to participate and the double next in the 2019 ECL ranking of a country not already represented will be informed of the possibility to compete and given an appropriate timeframe to confirm their participation.