ECL 2022: Long-Awaited Relaunch in January

The Covid pandemic putting the world into an abrupt halt nearly two years ago, European Cheer League had been put on hold for two whole seasons. But with cheer activities picking up again, the ECL Steering Committee is eager to get back on track. “Let the fun begin,” the committee chair Marko Sabol said optimistically upon a new season launch.

The committee has dedicated a lot of time to include new rules taking the Covid pandemic into consideration. Hoping to get back on track with ECL competitions, they rushed to have the latest rules confirmed by the ECU board before the beginning of a new ECL season year.

ECL rules 2022 can be consulted here.

If you wish to register your event as an ECL event, you can apply here.

For any additional questions, the ECL Steering Committee will be happy to answer if you address your inquiries at

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