ECU Development Fund

ECU Development Fund provides financial help to the ECU Members for the projects that target cheerleading development through education of Athletes, Coaches, Judges and other officials.


No. Country Project Amount
1 Estonia Cheer Workshop 538,30 €
2 Estonia Performance Cheer Workshop 589,40 €
Unused budget: 6.372,30 €
Total: 7.500,00 €


ECU DF – Application – Report



1. Before the start of the project the NF must send the project proposal (project description and project budget) to the ECU for evaluation and approval. The co-financed project cannot make an overall profit over 50 EUR. If the final budget after the project completion shows a profit over 50 EUR then the amount of the co-financed funds is accordingly reduced to bring the overall profit below the 50 EUR.

2. Daily allowance for staff (lecturer, instructor, coach, assistant etc.) will be co-financed only up to 50 EUR per persons per hour.

3. The NF can get a 50 % advance payment before the event. The rest of the money can be transferred after a successful completion of the event. If the project is not successfully completed the given amount of the advance payment must be returned to the ECU.

4. The NF must provide financial records for all eligible costs that are co-financed by the ECU (for example invoice, financial statement, money receipt, travel cost statement etc.). The records are needed for the ECU internal financial audit and other reviews of the ECU accounts.

5. The NF needs to issue an invoice to the ECU for the co-financed amount according to the actual costs for which the financial records were provided (invoices, receipts etc.). The maximum of reimbursed costs can only be the amount that was pre-approved by the ECU. The invoice should specify that the NF is invoicing ECU for the “ECU Development Fund Financial Aid” for the approved project (name of the project should also be written on the invoice).

6. The NF should use the “Co-financed by ECU” logo on the documents that are used for the event (for example information letter, invitation letter, registration forms, press releases, web page, Facebook etc.).

7. After the event the NF must send the photos of the project activities / results to the ECU. That photos will be used for the further promotion of the ECU and the ECU Development Fund. The Executive members of the ECU Board will review the project results / outcome and decide about the successfulness of the project.